Sarah Hjorthol,
Founder, LYFE

"I am just so in love with this copywriting, I don't know how to express it in words. You are an angel, Amy."

Reena Visani, 
Founder, NIARA

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing NIARA to life. You have played a very important role and without you it would have not been possible! Thank you for being a part of NIARA's journey and making it a memorable one!"

Bryan Avigne, 
Founder, Belle Cirene Boudoir Photography

"From project start to finish, Amy could not have been easier to work with.  She listened to our company’s strategies and took the time to understand the market challenges we faced.  In doing so, she was able to personalize our project and craft our copy to relate to the target market we were aiming for. She is a brilliant, sophisticated and well-versed asset for any company. We cannot praise her enough."

Tricia Perri, 
Design Director, Laura Geller Beauty

"Amy takes a concept and makes it come to life with imaginative prose and strategic vision. She always contributes and delivers the extraordinary!  Her impressive experience in copywriting, her sharp point-of-view on design, social media and marketing were key in creating a successful and collaborative partnership.Amy is thoughtful, witty and fun to work with."

Linda Treska, Founder, 
Pinch of Colour

"My heart dropped; loved each description. So girly and so chic sounding!"

Melissa Rice, Founder, 
The Hired Home

"We are super happy with your work and service!!!  Thank you so much!"

Rachel Winard, Founder, Soapwalla Kitchen

"Oh, Amy, it sounds amazing! You have such a way with words."

Kristen Arnett, International Make-Up Artist, Founder & Editor-in-Chief,

"AMY I LOVE LOVE LOVE WHAT YOU WROTE!!! I LOVE IT! (did I say that enough?) You are a brilliant wordsmith-tress."

Angela Jia Kim, Founder, 
Om Aroma & Co., Savor Spa & Savor the Success

"amy! i LOVE what you came up with! i knew you would nail it perfectly. i can see why everyone wants to work with you!"

Tara Pelletier, Co-Founder, Meow Meow Tweet

"This is so perfect. I'm so thrilled with how it turned out...I can't wait to share it with the world. Jeff loves it too!"

Gianne Doherty, Co-Founder, Organic Bath Co.

"Amy has been a key part of bringing Organic Bath Co. to life for our consumers and retail partners...from cohesive brand and social media messaging,  product descriptions and packaging copy to our company newsletters...Amy Flyntz has been our secret weapon since day one!"

Kiran Rai, Founder, Sir Alistair Rai & CEO, Satya Jewelry

"Thanks for writing better than any bitch I know."

Jay Weeks, Founder, EchoSurge Marketing

"Amy is one of those rare talents who is both witty and succinct. She has the ability to distill a brand message into its purest essence and ensure it is reflected across all platforms. It’s been a pleasure to work with her."

Dean Sheremet, Chef & TV Personality

"I'm really happy with the way this turned out! Thank you for writing such a great piece."