Hey, you!

If you're reading this, you've probably already perused my portfolio. You've read some kick-ass testimonials. And right about now, you're probably having internal dialogue about copywriting services, in general—and it probably sounds a little something like this:

Do I really need a copywriter?  

Yes, you do! Professional copywriters know what to say, and how to say it: clear, concise messaging that not only reflects your brand, but persuades your customer to take action. I understand that content, when it's well done, can generate serious ROI. (And who doesn't love serious ROI?!)

Can't I just finagle some stuff on my site/email campaign/product description/blog post and worry about this later?

No! No! That's a terrible idea! Words wield an incredible amount of power; choose them carefully. I understand the importance of distilling your brand message down to its essence, then using it across multiple platforms to engage your buyers. A copywriter can also provide an outsider's eye to what you may be missing. Fresh eyes mean fresh marketing ideas! And, lest we forget, I can ensure your website, emails, blog posts, press releases and packaging go out to the world grammatically correct and typo-free. 

Is Amy Flyntz right for my brand?

Abso-freakin'-lutely. With my passion for the written word, my professional yet laid-back approach to working relationships and my ability to engage customers through unique copy that reflects your brand, my ten years of writing experience across myriad platforms makes me the ideal candidate to write copy for you.

I look forward to telling your story!  

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