Image courtesy of Satya Jewelry

Image courtesy of Satya Jewelry


Amy Flyntz is a writer living in Brooklyn (isn't everyone?)  and the founder of Amy Flyntz Copywriting, LLC. 

With a growing international client base and over 12 years of experience, Amy guides her clients through each step of the branding process, helping them garner and increase exposure through strategic messaging, content creation and copywriting to woo the masses.

Not your average New York copywriter bear, Amy specializes in establishing brand identity—from its inception and launch to ongoing marketing initiatives. By establishing a unique brand voice to be used on websites, packaging and in digital campaigns, Amy's expertise has led to successful launches of green, non-toxic and prestige beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands in both brick and mortar retail and B2C e-commerce platforms. 

Amy has also worked with existing brands to streamline messaging, adopting the brand voice to create engaging copy that results in increased social media exposure, open rates, click-throughs and—here’s the good stuff!—sales.

Amy’s collaborative approach to copywriting and strategic messaging ensures brand retention while still improving results. Such collaborations have led to successful re-brands and boosted exposure. 

Well-versed in both direct response copywriting and long form content for articles, essays and blog posts, Amy’s vast experience informs her 360° approach to writing. 

Amy spends most of her days writing strategic, on-brand content across multiple marketing channels:

  • Establishing Brand Identity

  • Strategic Messaging 

  • Direct Response Copywriting

  • Digital, Print & Packaging Copy

  • Article Writing

  • Social Media Content

  • Email Campaigns

  • Website Copy 

  • Product Descriptors

  • Product & Shade Naming

  • Press Releases

  • Blog Posts

  • Copy Editing

When she’s not writing, Amy can be found snuggling with her 65 lb. lap dog, Linus. She pores voraciously over books, The New York Times and her horoscope.  She’s also a seven year mentor with Girls Write Now, the premiere organization in New York City with a writing and mentoring model exclusively for girls.