the lovely nantucket

When proprietress Julie Biondi reached out to me to write the copy for The Lovely's website, neither of us knew what a serendipitous meeting it would be: we discovered we share a dear friend whom we've both known for years! With common ground established, I jumped at the opportunity to create the voice for The Lovely. Nestled in the heart of New England charm -the island of Nantucket- The Lovely is committed to celebrating individual style from head to toe. After pouring over some of Julie's favorite coffee table books and scanning her most loved sites for inspiration, I set out to craft an approachable voice that captures The Lovely Girl: spirited, adventurous, and with an unapologetic sense of self. From web banners and site content to The Lovely Girl blog, writing copy for this project was nothing short of, well, lovely! 

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 Brand Voice / Web Copy / Blog Content