buckyballs/ maxfield & oberton

Buckyballs, the 'World's Best Selling Desktoy' by Maxfield and Oberton, were retailed in major stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and online worldwide. With packaging that showcased the architectural aesthetic of the desktoy and cheeky copy to complement it, Buckyballs became a phenomenon among the self-proclaimed "geek" set and beyond. I worked with the exceptionally talented (and insanely fun!) Buckyballs team to garner brand exposure across multiple social media channels, created taglines for their expanding product line and wrote the script for the company's co-branded contest with Brookstone and Kickstarter, "The William McShane Fund." I was also tasked with writing weekly blog posts to further engage the social media community and drive website sales. 


  Email Campaigns / Web Copy  / Packaging / Naming / Social Media / Blog Posts Video Scripts


Make your product idea the next big thing with $25,000 from Buckyballs and the opportunity for a nationwide product launch at Brookstone. Where there's a Will, there's a way! http://www.TheWilliamMcShaneFund.com.

Collaborated with designer Christine Byrne, Craig Zucker & Reid Synenberg. 

Ready for the next dimension in Bucky? Meet BuckyBARS. Magnetic bars to hook up your balls! That's right: the same Rare Earth Magnets that help your creativity take shape are now available in BARS! Pair them with your Buckyballs for more shapes, more constructions, more builds. Buckybars are no holds barred FUN!